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Confidence gained, inches lost: A review of My Body Back Transformation Journey

I “only” lost six pounds. If you would have told me 8 weeks ago that I’d [literally] work my butt off and only lose six pounds, I would have been a hard pass on the program. But seeing my before and after photos proves that body and life changes don’t always equal pounds lost.

“You’re stronger than you think you are” may be a feel-good meme being tossed around, but holy moly, the Body Back program proves it. I never imagined I would push myself as far as these ladies helped me go; something about the peer pressure of seeing another mama trying and succeeding makes you test your limits even more. I’ve historically been the gal who slows down when I’m tired or quits when it’s hard, but the community of Body Back provided me with the support to jump higher and run faster (literally). If she can keep running, so can I. If she’s still holding, so will I. Thank God her arms are shaking, because so are mine. There was nothing negative or mean-hearted about it, but rather, a healthy competition and a whole lot of encouragement from fellow mamas to keep pushing, keeping running, keep holding; it was the driving force that made us physically and emotionally stronger.

I improved my run time by a minute; I increased my plank time by a minute; I did 10 more pushups per minute. I lost INCHES all over; I can see my shoulder, arm, and ab muscles peeking through. Sure, I may not be as “skinny” as I was pre-pregnancy, but I have a lot of pride in what I accomplished. In only 8 weeks, I gained a confidence in my body and the knowledge that I CAN. I CAN push harder. I CAN be uncomfortable. I CAN “do 10 more.” And per Nicole’s shirt, “but did you die?” Nah. I didn’t die. I came out stronger. I came out happy. I came out sad because it was over, and I’m eager to do more.

Reflecting on my goals, I feel like I succeeded in some areas and failed in others. I succeeded in portioning my meals and making healthier choices; however I failed at keeping a super-strict and dedicated food journal. There were several times I could’ve passed on another drink or skipped brunch with friends, but instead I chose social occasions over deprivation, and I’m proof it didn’t ruin me. Maybe I would have lost a few more pounds, but what I didn’t compromise was date nights with my husband and fun with friends. I gained a twice-weekly scheduled “me” time, the blessing and privilege of that ability does not escape me. I’m grateful for these mamas’ families who made sure the kids were taken care of so that she could get out and focus on herself. I’m exceedingly thankful for my husband, who happily fed, bathed, and put our girls to sleep after putting others to sleep (medically) since 6 am.

As Elle Woods- mascot of all 30-something-year-olds- says “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” (The second part of that statement isn’t relevant here!) The Body Back program provided me with so much happiness and pride that I cannot wait to participate in future sessions. If you have the opportunity, do NOT let the fear of discomfort hold you back, because the only thing worse than being uncomfortable while exercising is being uncomfortable while NOT exercising.

Body Back Ambassador, Hayden Wilson

Hayden is mommy to two beautiful daughters, Ellis and Valley, and wife to Ryan. She is a FIT4MOM Charleston member and embarking on her first Body Back Transformation session. Follow her Body Back journey here!

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Hayden's 8 Week Transformation