Getting your Mojo Back

Like many women, once I had a baby, I consumed myself with everything that revolved around him. I love my son more than life itself, and I have given him every last ounce of myself.

From monitoring everything that I ate or that even touched my skin while pregnant and breastfeeding to taking a career hiatus to be with him day and night. I made all the sacrifices needed to ensure I was giving him everything I thought he could ever need.

Now that my baby is a toddler (and I’m not his personal food truck), I decided to take a second to remember who I am again. And I’m not just Graham’s mom. I’m still me before Graham, with the same interests (plus multiple toddler interests), and I want to feel like me again. I want my mojo back.

So here are some things I did to help said mojo return:


Before Graham, I was an exercise nut. I always enjoyed a workout that made me almost vomit, and then let me walk away with my dignity intact. Exercise been a part of my lifestyle for 25 years, but while I was pregnant I was so sick I couldn’t workout. And as much as I tried after pregnancy, I couldn’t keep my milk supply if I worked out much.

So now that I can exercise again with reckless abandon, I do. I’ve gone back to using my garage gym at night, I work out with my favorite ladies at Fit4Mom in the morning, and I added running in (which I absolutely hate) just for an added challenge.

Get New Gear

Whatever your gear of choice might be, spruce that stuff up. Treat yo’self girl. Since my gear of choice is fitness gear, that’s what I spruced up. I got new running shoes, ear buds, and running gels to help me hate running less. It’ll force you to get your butt in gear even on the days you’re not feeling it. You just spent all that money on new gear, you better use it.

Put Some Dang Make Up On

I’ve never been described as a makeup queen (or fashionista for that matter), and I honestly don’t like the way make up feels. However, it sure does put pep in your step when you’re looking fresh. So put some make up on. Not every day (let’s not go crazy here) but sometimes. It reminded me that I still have the ability to look like a woman and sometimes turn a few heads.

Change Up Your Music Choices

We listen to a lot of music at home because we don’t do screen time. I typically have Pandora set on the Brazilian Soul channel (think jazz/spa music). It’s great and all, but this momma liked hip hop and rap before having a baby. So I busted that back out and turned on my Missy Elliot (that’s hip hop for old people) and Macklemore Pandora stations. The only problem with my hip hop love is Graham might be accidentally saying some choice words from some bad lyrics.

So, if you lost your mojo like I did. Think about the things you did, and enjoyed, prior to kiddos and DO them. You still have to be you, or else you’re living a lie, and that will negatively affect your kids more than what you fear taking some “me time” will.


Blogger, Taylor Morris-Metzger, & son, Graham

Taylor Morris-Metzger is the proud mom of Graham and wife to adoring husband, Pete. Taylor is a member of FIT4MOM Charleston and can be seen any day of the week working her butt off with the other beautiful moms of FIT4MOM Charleston. Follow Taylor and her motherhood journey on Instagram at @tmetzger412