My Body Back Journey: Setting SMART Goals

In preparation for the Body Back program, I read all of the provided literature and familiarized myself with the goals and guidelines with gusto- like a good nerd. I took time to reflect and strategize thoughtful SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) that were smaller, specific, and more attainable than my previous weight loss strategies, and I’ve gotta say- I think these are pretty solid. I wanted to avoid setting a numeric weight loss goal, because I always get discouraged the instant the rate of weight loss veers off track, and then I spiral and give up. I came up with three goals, because: five sounded like too many; four is an even number and I don’t like those; and I apply the Rule of Threes wherever I can (my logic isn’t always flawless).

Here are the three SMART goals I set for myself for the duration of the 8-week program and the answers to the questions that followed, posed by Body Back:

My SMART goals are:

1. Go from 2-3 bottles of wine per week to 2-3 glasses per week (don’t judge me)

2. Keep a food diary with MyFitnessPal

3. Use smaller dinner plates

These goals are important to me because:

1. Drinking less means a cleaner body and mind (and also a fuller wallet).

2. Food diaries lead to proven weight loss.

3. Smaller plates make me less likely to overeat.

What could get in my way?

1. My social life, friends, and football - all blessings, but they’re a curse to this program.

2. My schedule. I’m often feeding two small mouths during my own meal times, which quickly transitions to leaving the house, cleaning up, bathing, etc., so it’s easy to forget to log what I've eaten.

3. Delicious food. Sometimes I just want more; is that such a crime??

How can I overcome these obstacles? What actions do I need to meet my goal?

1. Tell people my reasoning and keep a motivational money jar. Anytime I meet my fitness goals, I'll throw cash in the jar. I haven’t had a mani/pedi in a while, so I’ll use my money jar savings to #treatyoself to a small luxury that doesn’t include food or alcohol.

2. Habit-forming strategies. The first three weeks are the hardest, and then it becomes a habit. I'll rely on the accountability of the women in the Body Back program to check in and encourage each other.

3. Store the bigger plates. I'll put them out of reach and only let the smaller plates be available for dinner time. This will automatically reduce the ability to overeat, and create success for healthier serving sizes.

So there they are. I’m [mostly] confident about these goals, and so far, they’re going okay (ya know, for the 4 days I’ve been actively trying).

We had our fitness assessments two days ago, and while my weight and measurements were far larger than I wanted to see, I’m still super strong, and I’m only going to get stronger. My mile run wasn’t so bad for having not run in a year; my abs held a decent plank; and I curled 42 reps of 10-lb dumbbells in a minute. I’ve got room to improve, but I’m proud of my starting point; even before my first baby, I was never this strong (but I was 25 pounds skinnier), so I can’t wait to see where I’ll be at the end of this 8 weeks.


Body Back Ambassador, Hayden Wilson

Hayden is mommy to two beautiful daughters, Ellis and Valley, and wife to Ryan. She is a FIT4MOM Charleston member and embarking on her first Body Back Transformation session. Follow her Body Back journey here!