Thankful for My Mom Friends

So many of our stages of life include experiences shared with our best friend. Toddler bestie to play with at the playground. High school bestie to pass notes to. College bestie to room with. Adult bestie to have by your side at your wedding. Recently women are opening up about mom life and how it's lonely. Why is it that in our biggest stage of life it's rare to have a bff to do things with like eat ice cream with after the kids go to sleep?

Friendships are Important

We need friendships. We crave them. In the mom stage of life friendships are not going to come easy for most of us. They are going to require some work but will be so worth it. I know you are tired, busy, and think friendships right now are just not in the cards for you. You are wrong. Sometimes all we need to do is take the first step.

Be Courageous

Call that mom who offered her house up for a playdate and spend a couple hours getting to know her better. Invite a mom at the playground to get lunch or coffee. Attend mom events or join mommy and me fitness classes. You can do it! Everyone is nervous the first time, even us extroverts who might not stop talking once we meet you. Finding your mom tribe can help you survive motherhood.

I Love My Mom Friends

My mom friends have been there when I had to deliver unexpectedly by csection and had no clue what to expect. They have been there to celebrate getting pregnant after a chemical pregnancy the month before. They have been there to encourage me to take steps of faith towards my passions. They have been there when I need a cup of coffee and someone to just listen.

Let's do life together moms. Lift each other up. Spread kindness. No judging.

Be a friend. Be a mom friend.

If you have a mom friend send her a little love this holiday season and thank her for always being there.


Rachel Pratt

Fit4Mom Charleston instructor, Rachel Pratt, is mama to two beautiful daughters, Isabella and Elysia. You can follow her journey with her two babes here:

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